Chiacchiere (Galani, Cenci, Crostoli, Frappe) continuous Fryer AFRYER

Carnival Pancakes Automatic Doser And Donuts Maker AFRYER

Carnival Pancakes with Automatic Filling AFRYER

Carnival Pancakes Automatic Fryer, Donuts Maker AFRYER

Cashew, Nut, Peanuts, Almonds, Fennel, Poppy and Sesame Fryer AFRYER

Boiling Machine for Pasta, Lasagne, Rice, Dumplings, Gnocchi, Halušky, Spätzle and Noodles AFRYER

Carnival Bugie (Crostoli, Chiacchere) continuous Fryer AFRYER

Buttered Vegetables and Buttered Food Processing Equipment AFRYER

Buttered Food Processing Equipment AFRYER

Automatic Potato and Dumplings Kettle AFRYER

Automatic Machine for Donuts, Injection and Filling AFRYER

Automatic Line for Frying Krapfens and Donuts, Tunnel Deep Fryer AFRYER

Automatic Filler for Carnival Pancakes (Graffe, Zeppole, Struffoli) AFRYER

Automatic Line for Frying Peanuts, Tunnel Deep Fryer AFRYER

Apulian Taralli, Baranka, Sushka and Pretzel Automatic Kettle AFRYER

Buttered Vegetables and Buttered Food Processing Equipment AFRYER

Fried Gnocchi(Crescentina, Fried Pie, Chisulén, Chisolino, Pinzino, Pinsìn) Fryer AFRYER

Indian food, Pellets Snack and Potato grills fryer AFRYER

Fried Gnocchi, Automatic cutting and frying calibration line AFRYER

Test: Frying wafers and Sicilian cannoli AFRYER

Fritters, Carnival Pancakes and Chiacchiere(Galani, Frappe, Cenci, Crostoli) fryer AFRYER

Fryer for breaded products (Cutlet, Chicken nuggets, Eggplants) AFRYER

Rice, Supplì, Arancini, Ragù, Mozzarella cheese and Onion Rings, Fryer AFRYER

Fried Eggplant, Ascoli olives, Meatballs, Vegetables, French fries, Arancini, Supplì and Fish AFRYER

French Fries Fryer with Folding Basket Fryer AFRYER

Frappe (Chiacchiere, Crostoli, Galani, Cenci, Bugie, Lattughe) AFRYER

Covrigi, Bublik, Barankas, Sushkas, Sooshka, Бублик Челночек AFRYER

Covered, Coated and Malted Peanuts Machine AFRYER

Continuous Fryer for Fried Chili AFRYER

Chips and Pellets Snack Fryer AFRYER

Krapfen fryer test, Food processing equipment AFRYER

Mixed fried fish, Prawns, Cuttlefish, Squid, Octopus AFRYER

Pancakes cream, Venetian pancakes, Carnival staples, Zeppole, Struffoli, Cream puffs, Bombs AFRYER

Panzerotti frying Line AFRYER

Peanuts Fryer, continuous deep fryer AFRYER

Peanuts, almonds, cashew and nuts fryer AFRYER

Pellets Snack, Automatic Continuous Fryer AFRYER

Pellets snack production Line AFRYER

Pellets Snack, Food Processing, Chips AFRYER

Production Line: pellets snack, food, chips, potato, corn, veggie, cereals, wheat, tortilla AFRYER

Rice and mais crackers flavouring, pellets snack AFRYER

Stuffed carnival zeppole, cream puffs and pancakes AFRYER

Tunnel fryer, Gastronomy, Chicken nuggets AFRYER

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